Space, Time...these mean nothing to me.

Monday, December 12, 2005

This is going to be short but sweet.

WTF is up with all those people that decide for the next 2 months that they can become complete assholes to everyone and everything. I mean seriously people, this is supposed to be the holiday season. A time of caring, giving, and thanking your fellow man.....not running your over priced Cadillac into the back of a pinto because you were stupid and dropped your cold latte on your pants while telling her banker on the phone who's sleeping with your husband to fuck off.

This is the typical scenario that I get to deal with on a day by day basis. Though, it does makes for great stories for the group.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Wayward Travelers.

So for the last 5 days, I got to spend them with my sister in Arizona, Flagstaff to be exact. Many of you that know my sister, she's the black sheep of the family. She's a vegetarian/hippy/artist who thinks she's the coolest things since sliced bread. Ok, the last one would have been true a few years ago. Me and my sister couldn't get along for the longest time, and we are taking years here people. Over the last few years, we have both grown and come to except that we are just people, blood, and that we are family. Things have been cool and it's nice to see my short controlled doses. We were in Arizona because for my sister’s final, she had to put on an art show. Her specialty is jewelry making, and from her work we have seen, we weren't expecting much. Talk about being surprised, because my sister pulled some very cool shit out of her ass on this one. We were all impressed; my mom, my dad, my other sister, my wife, and I. It was awesome and I’m proud of my sister for what she go girl.

The rest of the trip was sight seeing. We went to Prescott (old west style town). We ate at an old western salon, complete with bullet holes on in the ceiling. Then it was a long, and switchback filled drive to Sedona, which by that time was pick black dark, so we didn't see much. The coolest part was the Grand Canyon, which only my wife, my mom, and I went too. It was the coolest things ever.

Going to place like that really puts a lot of things in perspective. In this world, we are merely ants on a giant hill. The average distance between one side to the other was 10 miles. Some areas it was shorter, other longer, but to have that knowledge makes you seem kind of small.

To everyone I left behind in Portland during this adventure, I made my mark for you guys, and I wish you could have seen the wonders that I have seen. Time to sign off now. This is for you guys.

Friday, November 04, 2005


So, this being the first post here, I thought it would be something monumentally excellent, and out right cool. Since I suck at writing your stuck with this. So I will start with the core of my life.

In my world, u fit in 4 categories: Family, Friend, Co-Workers, and Others. For the purpose of this post, we will be focusing on the first 2 categories.

Family: These are people I love, care for greatly. People in this category are mostly likely to have the greatest influence on me, and I would do anything to help them in need. People like my parents, I dear say it my in-laws, , my family. You might say those are expected people to be in that category, but the following aren't. People like my wife Dani, Mike, Will, and even Kevin. People like Todd, Adam, Andy, Matt D; ones I don't see often, but would do anything at the drop of a hat. This is my family.

Friend: These are people who have about 1 degree of separation from my family. These are people I care for greatly also. These are the girlfriends of family, the friends that have seen me at my best or at my worst. Hell, I've even seen them at there best/worst, and helped them along. These are people we don't get to see often, but when we do, it's like they never left. This is everyone else from my California Crew, and a lot of the Portland Crew no mentioned. Friend till the end.

I know I know, this is pretty sappy. I just wanted to give everyone a little insight as to who I am, and what some people mean to me. This is the core of who I am. These people pushed me, believed in me, cared for me. So as this being my first post, it's dedicated to them. Cheers, now pass me another beer.